China stamps during 2000-2009, mainly including yearly numbered commemorative, special stamps, miniature sheet and souvenier sheet after 1992.

2003-6S Bell Tower and Mosque (Jointly Issued by China and Iran)

CODE: 2003-6S

Scott No: 3271-2 Serial number: 2003-6 Values in set: 2 Denomination: 1.60 yuan Date of issue: 15th Apr. 2003 Designer: Yin Huili, Zhen Mingshu and Hilder... More

2003-7M Leshan Giant Buddha

CODE: 2003-7M

Scott No: 3273 Serial number: 2003-7 Values in set: 1 (Souvenir Sheet ) Denomination: 8.00 yuan Date of issue: 28th Apr. 2003 Designer: Wang Huming Size of... More

2003-8M Gulangyu Island

CODE: 2003-8M

Scott No: 3274 Serial number: 2003-8 Values in set: 3 Denomination: 3.60 yuan Date of issue: 2nd May. 2003 Designer: Yang Wenqing Size of stamps: 50*30 mm... More

2003-9M Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, One of China's Famous Classical Literary Works (Third Set)

CODE: 2003-9M

Scott No: 3276-81 Serial number: 2003-9 Values in set: 6 Souvenir sheet: 1 Denomination: 5.30 yuan Date of issue: 16th May. 2003 Designer: Chen Quansheng... More

2003-S4S , Scott 3275 United as One in Fighting SARS

CODE: 2003-S4S

Scott No: 3275 Serial number: 2003-S4 Values in set: 1 Denomination: 80 fen Date of issue: 19th May. 2003 Designer: he Jie and Feng Xiaohong Size of... More

2003-t5 The Successful Flight of China's 1st Manned Spaceship

CODE: 2003-T5

Scott No: 3314 Serial number: 2003-S5 Values in set: 2 Denomination: 2. 80 yuan Date of issue: 16th October 2003 Designer: Wang Huming and Liu... More

2004-13 Ancient Villages in Southern Anhui

CODE: 2004-13

Scott No: 3366-9 Serial number: 2004-13 Values in set: 4 Denomination: 320 fen Date of issue: June 25, 2004 Designer: Ying Tianqi Size of stamps: 40*30 mm... More

2004-14 A Folktale: Liu Yi Delivering a Letter

CODE: 2004-14

Scott No: 3370-73 Serial number: 2004-14 Values in set: 4 Denomination: 440 fen Date of issue: July 17, 2004 Designer: Xu Yongsheng Size of stamps: 30*40... More

2004-15M A Fairy Tale: Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea

CODE: 2004-15M

Scott No: 3374 Serial number: 2004-15 Values in set: 1 Denomination: 600 fen Date of issue: July 30, 2004 Designer: Wang Huming Size of S/S stamp: 110*60mm... More

2004-16S Olympic Games from Athens to Beijing

CODE: 2004-16S

Scott No: 3375-6 Serial number: 2004-16 Values in set: 2 Denomination: 160 fen Date of issue: August 13, 2004 Designer: Ma Gang Size of stamp: 33*33mm... More