China stamps during 2000-2009, mainly including yearly numbered commemorative, special stamps, miniature sheet and souvenier sheet after 1992.

2001-4 Key Wild Animals under First-Grade State Protection in China(II)

CODE: 2001-4M

Scott No: 3091 Serial number: 2001-4 Values in set: 10 Souvenir sheet: 1 Denomination: 1370 fen  Denomination of S/S: 14.00 yuan Date of issue: 21st... More

2001-5 Ancient Towns in a Region of Rivers and Lakes

CODE: 2001-5

Scott No: 3092-7 Serial number: 2001-5 Values in set: 6 Denomination: 6.80 yuan Date of issue: 7 April 2001 Designer: Huangli Size: 50*30 mm Perforation:... More

2001-6 Murals of Yongle Temple

CODE: 2001-6M

Scott No: 3103 Serial number: 2001-6 Values in set: 4 Denomination: 5 yuan Date of issue: 5 May 2001 Designer: Yan Binwu Size: 38*50 mm Sheet composition:... More

2001-7M Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio---One of China's Famous Classical Literary Works(First Group)

CODE: 2001-7M

Scott No: 3098-102 Serial number: 2001-7 Values in set: 4 Souvenir sheet: 1 Denomination: 5.00 yuan Denomination of S/S: 8.00 yuan Date of issue: 21st... More

2001-8M Mount Wudang

CODE: 2001-8M

Scott No: 3104-07 Serial number: 2001-8 Values in set: 3 Denomination: 220 fen Date of issue: 26 May 2001 Designer: Yan Bingwu, Liuhong Size of stamp:... More

2001-S2S In Commemoration of Beijing's Successful Bid for Housing 2008 Olympic Games

CODE: 2001-S2S

Serial number: 2001-S2S Date of issue: July 14th, 2001 Size of stamps: 40*30 mm Size of tab: 20*30 mm Size of bridge: 120*60 mm  Perforation: 13... More

2001-S3 The Accession of China to the World Trade Organization

CODE: 2001-S3

Scott No: 3156 Serial number: T3-2001 Values in set: 1 Denomination: 80 fen Date of issue:11th December 2001 Designer: Lu Tianjiao Size of stamps: 30 * 40... More

2002-12M Water-Control and Hydroelectricity Works on the Yellow River

CODE: 2002-12M

Scott No: 3204-07 Serial number: 2002-12 Values in set: 4 Souvenir Sheet: 1 Denomination: 3.20 yuan Denomination of S/S: 8 yuan Date of issue: 8th June... More

2002-13M Dazu Stone Carvings

CODE: 2002-13M

Scott No: 3209-12 Serial number: 2002-13 Values in set: 4 Souvenir Sheet: 1 Denomination: 3.20 yuan Denomination of S/S: 8 yuan Date of issue: 18th June... More

2002-14 Desert Plants

CODE: 2002-14

Scott No: 3214 Serial number:2002-14 Values in set: 4 Denomination: 4.40 yuan Date of issue: 29th June 2002 Designer: Guo Zhenshan Size of stamps: 40*30... More